The Dogs of NewMarket Advisors

National Take Your Dog To Work Day is celebrated annually, but here at Newmarket Advisors, it’s Take Your Dog To Work Day every day. There’s not a broker on the team whose dog hasn’t visited our office. These dogs are the heart of our team, so we wanted to dedicate a page to introduce our fur babies! 

To demonstrate the importance of our team’s pets, here are some fun pictures and bio’s of the dogs of NewMarket!

Hello, I’m Coconut! Charles Creigh calls me Nut for short. I go on  3-5 miles walks daily and still have energy to play!

My name is Zadie. Dave Johnson is my best friend. I follow him everywhere he goes so I can catch treats that fall out of his beard.

Hi, we are siblings! I’m Gunner on the left and my older sister Raven is on the right. We love rotisserie chicken and shredded cheese. Austin Thompson said I am 160 pounds and Raven is 130 pounds. 

Welcome, my name is Rigatoni. I go by Rigs, but my mommy, Melissa Campanella, often calls me Good Boy. I just turned one and I love going to doggy day care. 

Nice to meet you, my name is Dobby Scholes. I am a Shiba Inu/Lab. I love stealing Robert Scholes’ socks, and as a result of that I enjoy playing “Dobby drop the sock.”

Oh, hello! I am Bacchus Amadeus. I like my space so you are at risk of losing a finger should you try to pet me.  Melanie Davis thinks she’s in charge, but really it’s me.

Greetings, my name is Oliver. I love car rides with Makayla Peterson.

Well hello there, my name is Piper. I love running around and bugging my brother Oliver , but my favorite thing is cuddling Makayla Peterson. 

Hey, my name is Charlie. I’m the best-behaved pup when Bill Hicks brings me to the office because I love getting treats from all his work friends. For that reason, the NewMarket office is my favorite!

NewMarket Dogs Continued

Pleased to meet you, I’m Lucy and I am 10 years old. I love when Phil Baca takes me on hikes, but my favorite things in the whole wide world are treats and belly rubs.

Welcome, my name is Ana and Lucy is my older sister. I am 8 years old and I love to play ball.

Hello there, I’m Jack. I am about 12 years old. Johanna Smith gives me lots of hugs and kisses because it’s my favorite.  

I’m excited to meet you, my name is Jasmin Strickland. I am a snowball of energy and I love meeting new friends. Christina Strickland always buys me pretty bows, I love it!

Everyone loves me, my name is Bambam! I love to play fetch and cuddle. I am the linebacker of the Norkus family. 

Greetings, my name is Edison. I love to hike. Laurie Norkus says I’m the quickest boy ever! Yes, I am as sweet as I look hence these puppy dog eyes.

 We’re two beagle brothers! Rick and Ruben. We love going hiking, to the office, and shopping, consequently Araceli Campanella takes us everywhere!

We are goat siblings! I’m Magnificent to the left, that’s Gaston to the right. Some people call us the Greatest of all Time or Goats, but we identify as dogs.  We love to see Kyle Wilcox in the morning, because it means it’s feeding time.

Meet the NewMarket Advisors team and the owners of these gorgeous dogs here!